In a paper titled “Muhammad the greatest”, Dr. Ahmad Deedat attempts to convince the reader that the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, is the greatest of all prophets and by extension the greatest person to ever walk the face of the earth, and utilizes criteria that he gathers from the alleged “prophecies” given by Muhammad. Isn’t that like asking the chef of a restaurant to give a review of his own food?

The following quote of the Qur’an is taken directly from the above mentioned paper.

And Most Certainly, Thou (O Muhammad) Are of most sublime And Exalted Character. Qur’an 68:4

Doesn’t it seem odd how in order to be a good, obedient and believing Muslim that you must believe these revelations are from Allah and contain the truth, and anyone that disagrees with Muhammad (or would that be Allah) deserves to be punished. Again, it’s akin to a chef being able to cut out people tongues (or opposing hand and foot, in Muhammad’s case) if they say they don’t like his food, because it was revealed to the chef that the owner of the restaurant gave him permission to do so.

However, I would like to point out Mr. Deedat’s zeal in dealing with all things Islam, and his methodology of twisting anything and everything to support his theories.

In his zeal to propagate a belief that non-believers portray his prophet in favor, Mr. Deedat shortens the title of his referenced book to simply “the Greatest”.

In actuality, the book, written by Michael H. Hart, is called “A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons”.  Personally, I don’t mind the linking of Muhammad with the likes of (in no particular order) Genghis Kahn, Julius Caesar, Karl Marx (founder of Communism), as well as Joseph Stalin, and Lenin, one has to wonder what the motivation was in Mr. Deedat pointing out Muhammad’s inclusion in this list.

With other names such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and George Washington nothing negative can be said for inclusion in such a list, however, nobody can doubt why Mr. Deedat deceives his reader into believing this list is simply “the Greatest” and nothing more.

As we see from the first set of names above, just being “influential” is not necessarily a positive thing. In my next post about this subject, I will compare some of Muhammad’s actions with those of Jesus.