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As a follow-up to the post where I show how Mr. Deedat tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the readers of his writing “Muhammad the greatest”

Here I will point out some of the actions of Muhammad and those of Jesus, and I would like to see how many count Muhammad’s actions greater than those of Jesus.

(I will hopefully, some day have time to post reference links with these facts, but no Muslim would deny these facts, they will merely blindly believe that this was the best way for Muhammad to act)
Also, while researching some of these points, I found that another site has a similar comparison at answering-islam.org

Muhammad – Instructed his followers to marry no more than 3 wives at any given time. However, Muhammad was given explicit permission to marry whomever he chose and as many as he saw fit, to include Aisha, a 9 year old girl! Not only did Muhammad marry many more wives than his followers were allowed, but he gave permission for male Muslims to have intercourse with any *slave* woman that “your right hand possesses.

Jesus  – never married, instructed (as the Old Testament did) that a leader in the church should “be the husband of only one wife”. And said the only reason to ever get a divorce was if you were never meant to be married in the first place, as in “incest”, which the OT includes close relations, like your parents siblings (father’s and mother’s sisters), your wife’s sisters, among others, read Leviticus 18, see also Matthew 19

Muhammad – Thru the revelation of the Qur’an instructed his followers to kill his enemies, behead them, or cut off opposing arms and legs (so that they can not fight against the Muslim at a later time), or crucify them. Muhammad also sent an assassin to kill a woman that wrote poetry against the prophet, and this assassin (a blind man, supposedly) came back to Muhammad to report of the kill, that the woman was *sleeping* and had her children with her. To which, the “prophet” replied, “not even a camel will sneeze because of her passing”, meaning nobody cared that this happened, not even “allah”.

Jesus – Instructed His followers to “Love thy enemy”. He rebuke His disciple for attacking one of the soldiers that came to arrest Him and when the disciple cut off this man’s ear, Jesus healed him. And He also warned the dsciple, “Those that live by the sword, will die by the sword”.

I will try to add some more later, but I think we can start to get the picture from these indisputable actions.